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I’m a nutrition consultant trained in Southern California and specialising in metabolic engineering. That means my methods work with your metabolism instead of against it. So no crash diets, no crazy regimes, no counting calories or weighing food.

I also runs a healthy recipe blog, Lila, Chop! (, with a focus on guilt-free high-protein treats and snacks.

My work starts with myself—my design is born from experience. I recovered from eating disorders when I was in my early twenties and fell in love with lifting weights, thus transforming my approach to food and my body. I went on to become a fitness model for BodyrockTV, hosting their 30-day Hot-Body-Challenge and continue to work as an affiliate ( 
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My approach to nutrition is holistic and individualistic. I evaluate each person’s needs based on their medical background, current health condition, lifestyle, activity level, goals, and individual metabolism. Together we’ll build you a customised meal plan and (optional) fitness plan that fits with your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals in a realistic manner without making you feel deprived. The most important thing is consistency, not restriction.

Services Offered

1. First Consultation – Metabolic Prime (60 minutes)
    • Aim: identify what's holding you back; eliminate negative habits 
    • Focus: Nutrition
    • Establish goals
    • Discuss health status
    • Height, weight, body fat %, BMI & Basal Metabolic Rate
    • Evaluate current nutrition intake
    • Create meal plan together
    • Provide meal tracking app
    • (Optional) Lab testing analysis (cholesterol, glucose, haemoglobin, haematocrit)

2. Second Consultation – Metabolic Ignition (45 minutes)
  • Aim: identify ways to improve lifestyle; promote positive habits
  • Focus: Lifestyle
  • Adjust meal plan
  • (Optional) Training program 
  • (Optional) Supplement program
  • (Optional) Rehabilitation & Relaxation program (massage, physio, yoga, various therapies) 
  • Follow-up body measurements

3. Follow-up Consultations – Metabolic Actualisation (30 minutes)
  • Aim: Develop nutrition process into a growth mechanism; push goals
  • Focus: Sustainability
  • Progress tracked against goals
  • Meal plan adjustments
  • Follow-up body measurements
  • Additional support as necessary

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